▲ New Yorker living in England.

▲ P.T.S.D.

▲ I love traveling and recently fell in love with journaling & drawing again.

▲ Art, dark art, baking, Irish creme coffee, reading, traveling, writing, drawing, wine, whiskey, metallic colours, animal print, horror, going to concerts, macabre, Pin-Up, Erotica, surrealism, fantasy, Comics, Alternative Fashion, classic American muscle cars, venetian masks, collecting odd objects, and other weird sh*t.

▲ Languages: English (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), German (Basic) and Italian (I only know the naughty words)

▲ Music: Heavy Metal, Thrash metal, 70's rock, 80's Hair metal, 80's + early 90's Punk, Stoner Rock, Industrial Metal, 80's Pop, Classical.... etc...

▲ Frédéric Chopin and Rammstein

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the evening of the world... is to be expected